7 questions to ask your mover before you hire

Moving to a new location or even a new home is one such activity which makes you feel highly stressed. It means you need to make many decisions and that too in a short span of time. Starting from selecting the best packing materials to choosing the final date of the move, the number of activities you need to do turns lengthy. To make things simple we end up hiring a trusted movers and packers company like the Royal Moving Company. The most vital relocation decision turns out to be the hardest when you are moving for the first time: Yes, that is selecting the right moving company. Well, there are a few questions which you must ask your shortlisted movers before you finally hire one for you.

• What type of moving services you are specialized in? Moving services are of different types like home moving, office moving, commercial moving, local moving and international moving. All movers don’t offer all services and few may also. It is important for you to know if your shortlisted company is having specialization in it or not. Will the packing, wrapping, loading, transporting, unloading, packing, wrapping, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking and unpacking Services? Know about it besides the years of experience they are having in the service you are looking for.

• Do you have a legal license with you to serve as professional movers and packers? In order to avoid the problem at the time of moving with unprofessional movers, it is important for you to ask if the moving company is licensed one or not. The license number may vary for domestic and international moving. So ensure you ask for it and take a copy of the same for assurance.

• What is the list of equipment which you are going to use in my moving assignment? You item security is very important for you and so it is vital to know about the nature of the equipment and packing material they are going to use for the shifting. What type of moving vehicles will be used in the transit and what will be the size? Depending on the volume of items to be moved and the distance to be covered the vehicle dimension should be decided.

• What factors do you consider to set the price? There are various elements which are taking into consideration to finalize the price of the move. You must know in detail about it in order to avoid any last minute surprise from the mover’s end. This will help you to stay aware of the exact cost you need to bear for the shift. If you find any point missed cross question your mover and include it in the final estimation bill shared by them with you.

• Is your company an insured one? Insurance is important in order to ensure the security of the items to be moved and also the labors involved in completing the shift. Ask for a copy of the insurance as all reputed firms will not mind sharing the same with you. Never avail services from an uninsured agency even in the case they charge you low.

• Can you share few references of the customers whom you served? It is important to ask to stay aware of the work quality and the way they deal with clients at the time of transit.

• Are your labors professionally trained to complete any shifting assignment? Company reputation is not enough to judge the company as you need to know about labor experience too as a change of employees does happen from one company to other.

Ensure you ask the above 7 questions for sure to the movers and packers companies for finalizing the transaction on the desired date.