The Big Thing – Super Bowl 2019

One of the most important questions for NFL fans is “Where the next Super Bowl event will be held?” It is a usual question, since the interest in the event is huge, especially in the host cities. Last season, the game took place on February 4, 2018 and the place was more than interesting. It was the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The capacity of the stadium is 66,655 and all these fans had an opportunity to see The Eagles winning the game.

What was interesting was the case that NFL rejected the veterans group’s ad about standing for the national anthem, which attracted the attention of the news.

How big is the audience?

In the so-called “big game”, the audience is always bigger than usual expectations. Super Bowl XLIX (49) was the biggest event in the U.S. television history with more than 114.4 million people who watched the game. It all speaks in contribution to the fact that Super Bowl events are the most popular events in the U.S. The numbers speak for themselves.

An average cost of a 30-second commercial was approximately $5 million.

In comparison to other sports events, it is important to mention the 2012-2013 UEFA Champions League final when more than 360 million people watched the soccer game. This fact shows the popularity of soccer in other parts of the world, especially in European countries.

However, the Super Bowl is definitely the biggest thing in the U.S. and it will stay the most important event for a long time.

Which cities and states have hosted the Super Bowls?

With 15 Super Bowl events, Florida is the state that holds the record. Miami (10), Tampa Bay (4) and Jacksonville (1) are the cities that hosted the events in Florida.

At the same times, we have the second state on the list. It is California. Here, the events were held in Los Angeles Metro Area (7), San Diego (3), Santa Clara (1) and San Francisco (1).

When it comes to cities, we have to mention Miami as the city with most Super Bowls in the entire history of the event.

People from organization pay attention to each segment when they select the city for the Super Bowl. At the first place, the city has to have warm climate and ideal hosting ability. All the visitors need to stay in adequate hotels, and foods and drinks must be part of the day. Therefore, restaurants and bars need to be adequately prepared for the important event. According to the relevant history, it seems that the city of Miami meets all the criteria.

Where will the next Super Bowl be held?

The following year will bring some huge excitement at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. This will be the place of the next Super Bowl LIII (53) championship game. The event is reserved for February 3, 2019, and according to the master plan, the stadium will host more than 80,000 fans. In the future, there are cities that are already planned to host Super Bowl, and some of the cities are Miami Gardens, Florida (2020) and Tampa, Florida (2021).

It seems that warm climate and popularity of NFL can be crucial for deciding on the cities that will host the Super Bowl spectacle. Whatever the city, we are sure that during these unforgettable games millions of fans will be in great euphoria beside their TV screens.