The Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Data Science

Thinking of the best career to pursue this 2019? Among others, one of the most promising is becoming a data scientist. With more and more companies realizing the importance of big data and data science, these organizations need smart and skilled professionals. If you need compelling reasons to venture into such a career path, keep on reading and be easily convinced.

1. It is the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century

According to Harvard Business Review, being a data scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century. While such a job title was coined only in 2008, it did not take long before it became popular because of the apparent need since big data plays a crucial role in the operations of today’s businesses. Businesses wrestle with a huge amount of data, and there is a need for someone to handle it for them.

2. It is a High-Paying Job

Truth be told, we always look for a job with generous compensation. While passion can motivate you in your work, it is undeniable that the financial aspect also has a big role to play. With this, pursuing a career in data science is attractive because of the fact that the salary is high. In one article from Forbes, it has been revealed that it has a median base salary of $110,000, making it one of the best jobs in America.

3. It Opens Doors to a Lot of Opportunities

The high demand for data scientists is another good reason why it is a good career path. All over the world, there is a need for professionals to manage data science and make sense of information an organization is confronted with. This is even made better by the fact that it is in demand across different fields, unlike other jobs that are industry-specific. Companies from different niches are investing in data science and they need knowledgeable individuals to help them.

4. It Provides Freedom

Data scientists enjoy freedom in their jobs. While you can choose to work full-time in your preferred company, there is also an option for you to work as a freelance consultant. This means that you can work anytime and anywhere based on a schedule that is most convenient for you. Even at home, you can start building a successful career and work with clients all over the world.

5. It is Never Boring

Some people might think that the job is technical and monotonous. However, this is far from reality. You might look like a geek when you explain what you do, but it is not boring. You will always discover something new and there are many challenges that will test your skills. Plus, you will have endless opportunities for continuous development since data science is an evolving discipline.

Indeed, a career in data science can prove to be beneficial in more ways than one. It pays off generously and is in continuous demand, providing you with the opportunity to work with some of the best companies in the world. You can also choose to build a freelance career, which will provide you with more freedom.