Zensify introduces social network aggregator for the iPhone

Chicago (IL) – Zensify has introduced a social network aggregator for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application allows users to view, search and update streaming information from multiple sites.

In addition, Zensify features a built-in Web browser, integrated video playback and a Tag Cloud generator that creates a visual represenation of trending topics.

Zensify combines a number of social networks into a single feed, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Photobucket
  • YouTube  
  • Flickr  
  • Digg  
  • Delicious
  • 12seconds

“We created Zensify with the goal of providing users the ability to manage their entire social network graph with a single, easy-to-use application – this preview showcases how successfully we have achieved that goal,” Bastian Lehmann, VP Product Development and Co-Founder of Zensify told TG Daily. “With 8 different neworks already supported, and many more under development, we are very confident that users will turn to Zensify as their social network application of choice for iPhone and iPod Touch.”

Tim Bajarin, President of Creative Strategies, explained that Zensify “addresses” the issues of information overload.

“Zensify’s data analytics and user interface reduce the complexities of finding trends and information across social networks to a real-time, highly visual tool that anyone can take advantage of,” said Bajarin.