Yes, Apple is serious about gaming

The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are selling like hotcakes with Apple laughing all the way to the Federal Reserve Bank – well, almost.

What many people do not realize though, is just how important gaming is to many buyers of mobile Apple devices.

But obviously Cupertino does, and few people know that better than Graeme Devine. Devine, a former Apple employee, supervised iOS games titles until he left in December last year to set up his own studio: GRL Games.


As expected, Devine is quite hesitant to delve into too much detail when probed on the goings in Apple and what it has in mind in its future gaming plans.

However, what Devine did say in a recent interview with IndustryGamers is that Apple is committed to gaming. He also disupted the widely held notion that Apple is solely interested in developing and pushing its hardware with little concern for games.


Devine is probably right – with the iPod Touch, Apple has the honour of owning one of the most popular gaming gadgets in the world today. And that is unlikely to be a product of luck. For example, isn’t it interesting that iPod Touch advertisements frequently showcase games instead of music?

Devine thinks Game Center is important but marks only a beginning that Apple will continue to build upon as it stamps its authority in the gaming arena. The company seems to be pushing towards greater convergence of its devices, which can only augur well for gamers.


That said, Apple TV is certainly an interesting move with some analysts designating the device as a strong candidate for the next major gaming console.

[Via BusinessInsider