Would you pay $8 million for an iPad 2?

Compared to competing tablets, the cost of an Apple iPad 2 may be termed as above average or expensive – depending on whom you ask, of course. 

But if anyone thought a $499 iPad 2 was a tad much, Stuart Hughes in Liverpool, UK is taking the concept of “overpriced” to a whole new level.

His newest creation is a custom built iPad 2 (3G) dubbed the “Gold History Edition.” 

This one of a kind gadget is encrusted with 53 sparkling gems, 12.5 carat diamonds and boasts a 2 kilo, (4.41 pounds) 24-carat gold back.

It also incorporates a 57 gram (0.12 pounds) T-Rex dinosaur thigh bone (65 million years old), as well as 0.75 kilos (1.65 pounds) of the 75 million year old Ammolite rock from Canada. Ammolite is considered the (or one of the) oldest rocks on earth.

So what’s the cost of this artistic but extravagant electronic device? 

Certainly not loose change – at least for 99% of the people on Earth.

Yes, the Gold History Edition iPad 2 weighs in at staggering £5 million (approximately $8 million). 

Even Apple guru Steve Jobs is unlikely to have anticipated the cost of a single iPad soaring to such heights.

With such a price tag, it is little wonder that Stuart Hughes calls this the most unique electronic gadget in the world today. 

Only two units of iPad 2 Gold History Edition will be manufactured – giving new meaning to the term “limited edition.”

Redesigning Apple products with an emphasis on luxury is clearly not new territory for Stuart Hughes, as he previously crafted a gold iPhone for Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. 

Our advice for a potential Gold History Edition iPad 2 owner? Make sure you buy insurance – and lots of it!!!