Windows Phone 7 finally adding ‘cut and paste’ update

After waiting for months, facing a delayed update, and struggling through a previous, buggy update, Windows Phone 7 users are finally getting the ability to ‘cut and paste.’

For many users – especially those with a Windows computer (ironically) – the ability to cut a string of text and paste it somewhere else has been taken for granted. It is also a standard feature on other smartphone platforms like Android and iPhone.

But for Windows Phone 7, it was notably absent from the slate of launch devices, and only the most recent phones are starting to incorporate it.

Now, those with an original WP7 device are finally starting to get their chance to do what many would consider an unspectacular but necessary feature. It will take some time before everyone gets the update, though.

Yesterday, reports began surfacing that some Windows Phone 7 phones were prompted to download an update file. It turns out this was isolated to phones that didn’t have a SIM card and were not branded to a specific carrier. So, in other words, very few devices.

Meanwhile, according to WinRumors, although the update appears to be in a stable state, some users may still have to wait multiple weeks before getting it. AT&T was cited as potentially the last carrier on the list.

Microsoft has remained relatively quiet on the progress of the functional upgrade, but implied earlier this month that the carriers were partly responsible for the long delay.