Why the MacBook is Still the Perfect Laptop

One of the few reasons people still hold off on purchasing a MacBook is due to cost. These consumers probably already have a PC, of some sort, and don’t want to justify the cost of owning the world-renowned MacBook.

On the other hand, there are others who don’t like change and worry about how they will acclimate to a different operating system. While those are certainly two valid obstacles, they just aren’t enough to say “no” to the powerful and forward-thinking MacBook. If you’re still on the fence, here are a few reasons that might change your mind.

Check out the operating system

Before the OS X version of the MacBook, the Apple system was quite incompatible with other operating systems. Also, the functionality just couldn’t compare to Linux or a PC. After OS X, all of that changed in Apple’s favor.

Today, the MacBook is considered a professional machine with loads of features and functionalities. There really isn’t another laptop on the market that can compare to this heralded machine.

Look at the Retina display

If you appreciate full-featured color and eye-friendly graphics, then the MacBook is unparalleled in this regard. You have HD graphics, usually an Intel core and a resolution that can’t be beat. If there is one thing that most power users know, it’s the fact that staring at a computer screen for too long causes dry and red eyes.

When you have both dry and red eyes, you will naturally feel tired. And, you have to wait for your eyes to refresh before it makes sense to look at another screen. Yet, we live in a hyper-connected, digital world where many of us spend the majority of our day looking at a digital screen. At least with the MacBook, you gain peace of mind knowing the Retina display is both beautiful and eye-health friendly.

Pick your price

With the MacBook, you can either get the latest iteration or choose a certified and refurbished option. The choice is yours. Depending on the model, you can find a MacBook to fit any budget. The MacBook is so great that you don’t need to go with the latest version to experience the power brought by Apple.

And, you’ll notice a significant difference in price between the latest version and a model that came out two or three years ago. Since Apple is so forward-thinking, you can expect them to debut features that most laptops don’t have. So, even if you get a three-year-old model, it will probably still be on par with the latest PCs.

That is just how good Apple makes the MacBook. Apple sets the bar for computing, and it shows. So, don’t worry about your budget. Get a refurbished MacBook, and you’ll be just as satisfied as you would be with a new one.

In addition, once you’ve had your fill with your current MacBook, you can always take advantage of the option for a MacBook trade in to get another discount on your next machine. So, you’re never paying full price for the best laptop in the world. Nonetheless, MacBooks are known to keep their value in terms of features and power.

You won’t need a driver

You might also be surprised to find that Apple computers don’t need drivers. It can be such a pain when a driver malfunctions, and you have to uninstall and reinstall the driver. Anyone who has owned a PC knows exactly how this experience can feel.

Or, you might have the wrong driver and it messes everything else up. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with a MacBook. All of Apple’s software is built into the hardware. With Apple, it is all about the ecosystem.

Final thought

As you can see, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t own a MacBook. They are powerful, world-renowned, they hold their value and Apple is forward-thinking. Furthermore, you get features you just won’t find within the average PC. Plus, there is another kicker: Windows runs better on an Apple than on a PC because the glitches go away. It really is the perfect choice for a modern laptop.