How Foreigners can Get UK Mortgage

UK is a cosmopolitan country. Many foreigners are looking for a career in one of the cities of UK. Even though many of them come for a short term period, either to study or explore, there are some who are looking forward to settle permanently.

In case if you want to settle permanently in UK, you belong to the category of 63% people who own their property. Irrespective of the reason behind investing in purchasing a home, this article will guide you over different aspects of mortgage.

Types of mortgages

The mortgage market in UK is vast. It gives purchaser a wide range of options to choose from. Given the variety available, it sometimes overwhelms the consumer. Nevertheless, it is necessary for the buyer to consider different types of mortgage products in order to make a well-informed decision.

Products in which the interest rates are fixed till the end of agreement duration, they are called the fixed rate products. On the other hand, variable products have variable interest rates which determines the cost od product. Choose the mortgage that suits your preferences the most.

Different banks have different mortgage rates which are not available to all the customers. This is why it is recommendable to get some special advice from a qualified mortgage broker or from platforms like

Bank or broker?

It is possible to get mortgage directly from the bank in UK. But in cases where you are not sure about the type of product, consulting a broker is recommended. It will cost more but the end result will be better.

The mortgage brokers are bound to work according to your interests and you may complain about it if the services are not satisfactory. This is not the case with bankers.

How to get a mortgage?

Getting mortgage in UK is pretty straightforward although there are number of checks in place to ensure whether the borrower can afford the loan. Since the mortgage industry in UK is highly competitive, it is preferable for borrowers to consult different banks about what they have to offer.

The paperwork needed will depend on the bank chosen but this is what borrowers are expected to provide:

  • Personal identification must be proven through different documents.
  • Proof of legal residence in UK.
  • Proving creditworthiness through documents.
  • Proving affordability of mortgage through documents.

Here are the general steps that must be followed to get a mortgage:

  • Choose a bank or broker, whatever suits your needs.
  • Hand over the documents and receive the offer.
  • Find a property and negotiate on the purchase price with the seller.
  • Go through the legal formalities required after consulting s solicitor.
  • Pay the deposits and fix a completion date.
  • Go over the legal and administrative fees associated with mortgages.

Here was a comprehensive guide on how to get mortgage in UK. All the relevant details are mentioned above. Nevertheless, consult experts in detail in order to get the best mortgage deals from the banks. Compare different deals and go for the best one.