Why Android is better than Apple

Will Android-based smartphones such as the HTC Incredible crush Apple’s next-gen iPhone (4G) in the perpetual battle for mobile dominance?

Well, Tobi Raikkonen of OZCAR seems to think so.

“As cool as the Apple iPhone 4G (or HD) sounds with features like an 80GB hard drive and front-facing camera, many are [already] showing disappointment over the smartphone,” he opined.

“The main reason why consumers are picking the Android phones is because of the mobile advertising (iAds) feature which is going to be part of the iPhone 4G. Consumers already hate to see ads on TV, websites, cinemas and now they have to deal with ads on their mobile.”

In addition, Raikkonen noted that consumers were calling Apple a “copycat” over recently leaked images that purportedly showed an iPhone 4G with a “squarish body” and “no rounded curves.”

“[This] makes it look like multiple Android phones such as the HTC HD2. For this reason many people [are saying] they will prefer going with the original than the copycat.”

Raikkonen added that the HTC Incredible and Supersonic featured an 8MP camera, while the iPhone 4G’s camera is reportedly limited to 5MP.


“This already makes the iPhone 4G technology older than the Android’s,” said Raikkonen.