Android-powered iPad clone spotted in the wild

A Chinese-based company has introduced an Android-powered iPad clone that can be purchased for as little as $130-$198.

The device – which runs Android 1.5 – features a Rockchip RK2808 600Mhz processor, 7-inch multi-touch display (800×480), integrated accelerometer, (front) camera, 2-32GB SD card and a five-hour battery.

In addition, the SungWorld clone measures 0.55 inch (14mm) and is actually lighter than the iPad, weighing in at a cool 0.7 pounds (0.33 kg).

“So are there any apps in this iPad wannabe? Yes. USB ports? Yes. Just like a real Android device, you can install any Android apps you want,” reports MIC Gadget.

“Built-in with Wi-Fi, you can surf the web flawlessly on it. Also, you get on-screen keyboard just like the real iPad. All it lacks is a HDMI-port.  [And although] the device runs off a Rockchip RK2808 600Mhz processor, it [could be upgraded] to a 1Ghz Cortex-A8 processor sooner or later.”