What Your Smartphone Can Do Will Shock You

The smartphone revolution seemed to happen right before our eyes! Just a few years ago we were texting with buttons and analog phones. We’ve now got supercomputers in our pockets. Smartphones have truly changed the world in every area of daily life! Bluetooth connectivity can control everything from coffee brewers to bedroom lights. When was the last time you actually got lost somewhere? With GPS pinpointed locations, your phone is the compass to the world.

Remember the clap-controlled light switch? In just a few short years, the analog technology that amazed the world has transitioned into artificial intelligence and near permanent connectivity. Smart homes are becoming the norm for all new construction. With a smartphone-controlled home, you’re able to turn off the fan with a touch of the button–or start the shower from the comfort of your bed.

For those who enjoy time in the kitchen, smart controls are an absolute necessity. Would you believe that an oven can actually sync up to wifi? Even your coffee maker can be pre-programmed to deliver your morning cup of coffee straight from your smartphone. Especially with the inclusion of assistants like Google Home and Alexa, everything can be digitally controlled from thermostats to kitchen appliances.

A connected kitchen runs seamlessly. As soon as one of the burners fire up, the smoke hood turns on in unison. Refrigerators not only tell you the temperature, they’ll tell you when you’re running low on supplies. All you’ve got to do is chop the ingredients and then enjoy the meal. When it’s time to clean the dishes, relaxation wins over stress. A truly intelligent kitchen gives control back to the home–and lets the chef control the entire room from a touch or swipe.

No matter the subject, hobby, activity or interest–there’s an app for it. Recent advancements in GPS tracking technology have enabled pinpoint accuracy. Tour app developers for museums, zoos, and aquariums have built an app that can track locations down to the absolute finest detail–making the journey to any place on the map an exciting one. The power that these machines provide for us is sometimes overlooked. At any moment in time we can confirm a fact, plan a vacation, or find the next meal.

Developers can build you an app for anything and everything. Finding a qualified developer is quite easy. Have a look at their previous projects and check out their coding style. Even the seemingly smallest idea can have a useful digital counterpart. As time continues forward and technology becomes ubiquitous in everything, expect to have apps and special tokens for almost everything.

Gone are the days of bulky and clumsy computers. Kitchen appliances seem to be making their journey to the forgotten as well. Coffee can be brewed from the office way across the house, straight from the phone. In the coming years, you’ll see even more in the way of connectivity. It seemed to happen just overnight, but our world is forever and fully connected to a network that controls the entire planet.