7 Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day sure seems to be quite far away. But I am sure the hushed preparations have already started. You are already planning on what to do and not do on this special day.
And this preparation is justified! It has happened so many times that while you are pondering over the ideas, suddenly the D-day has already arrived. And then you go commando mode trying to come up with something.
Well, let this Valentine’s Day be a little different. Be ready beforehand and give your other half a great surprise!
And in case you are falling short of ideas, here are some great choices to plan the day!

1. Plan A Couple Of Classes Together.

Love is about experiences. Let me assure you that the person you love in reality just wants to spend some more time with you.
So this Valentine’s try to spend more quality time with your loved one.
And some of the best experiences come up when you are trying out something new and different. So, try registering for some workshops or classes which allow you both to work together and at the same time learn something new.
Cooking classes and DIY classes are some of the best choices to go for. A little bit of origami and dance classes certainly do not hurt anyone either.
Maybe you can bake some Valentine cakes together!

2. Bring Back The Magic Of Your First Date!

It is true that the past should not be mulled over but the past holds the magic.
And that is why recreating your first date should be on top of your list if you really want something special. This would not just bring back the old memories but it would definitely be fun for both of you.
Getting the same place as the last time can get hard but the experience that you both would share would definitely be worth it.

3. Is There Something That Your Other Half Craves For?

Sometimes even a simple gift can leave quite an impression on your loved one. It might seem quite materialistic but it actually shows all of your love and care and more.
And this does not have anything to do with the price of what you want to give her. It is all about its symbolic nature. Everyone has their own taste and choice which makes this even more challenging and interesting at the same time.
Maybe it is the cookie he likes from the bakery next door? Or perhaps the dreamcatcher that she saw online? Get this right and you can set the tempo for a wonderful day!

4. Go For A Small Visit To Someplace Special.

Going for road trips is not unheard of. And it is fairly simple enough and does not need a lot of preparations.
It allows you to get away for some moments of bliss with your other half. You can go for a trip to some country side farm or perhaps a nearby hill station. Anything away from the city should be great but if there is something better inside then don’t rule it out right away!

5. Plan A Bit Of A Face-Time Dinner.

This one is for all the lonely long-distance lovers. Well it is unfortunate that you do not get a lot of together time physically but that should not dampen your mood at all.
Try something different than your usual letters or pictures. This time plan a dinner date on a video conference call.
This way you both get to have some beautiful moments together and the distance stops being a barrier.

6. Sing Your Lungs Out At A Karaoke Bar.

Singing can get many of the love partners in a knot. Since singing is not the traditional strength for many of the male counter parts, this plan becomes even more fun and deviously clever.
The entertainment in a karaoke night can be quite hilarious and might even explore some of your hidden talents. So, this should definitely come on the top of your list of plans.
I am pretty sure that the night will throw open a lot of interesting things making it a night to remember and cherish!

7. Take A Day And Relax With Each Other.

Doing absolutely nothing is completely underrated. When you are busy working long hours for five days a week, I promise you that a holiday will do you a lot good.
So this Valentine’s make it special for both of you by being completely lazy and carefree. Give this day to yourselves. Go for a sauna and spa. Relax completely and let go of any worries and stress issues.
Just enjoy the time you have with each other.

Valentine’s Day is not about gifts and presents. It is about expressing love and genuine care for the other half. Not that this should be the only day or week to do that, but going out of your way to make someone feel special is not such a bad idea.