What is a variable frequency drive?

In the time of technological progress and innovations, it’s a need for oil&gas companies to have a variety of equipment to successfully operate on the wells.

Triol Corporation offers you the type of equipment which reduces the energy consumption, increase efficiency level and has an adequate price. We are talking about variable frequency drives (VFD). Triol AT24 VFD and AT27 VFD are the pieces of equipment that you need! Let’s find out what are they.

A variable-frequency drive (VFD) is a type of equipment that controls the motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage.

Triol triolcorp.com/ produces several types of VFDs: low- and medium-voltage.

As for low voltage, there are many kinds of low voltage Variable Frequency Drives due to its application. The low voltage equipment is presented by Triol AT24 VFD which is successfully operating in a wide range of areas: fuel and energy sector, housing and utilities, infrastructure, mining industry, construction industry, cement production and metallurgy.

The main functions are:

  • start, stop and control of motor rotation frequency;
  • acceleration and braking ramps including S-shaped ramps;
  • reversal;
  • acceleration, decreasing, stop;
  • protection of the motor overcurrent, overload protection;
  • motor control by external 2-wire and 3-wire sensors;
  • saving control configuration of the motor;
  • dynamic braking of the motor;
  • control by the voltage/frequency ratio (U/F, scalar control);
  • vector control (with and without speed sensor);
  • the maintenance of technological parameter for PID controller and many others.

AT27 medium-voltage multilevel frequency drive is designed to accomplish frequency control of the speed in cage both induction and PMM motors. Variable frequency drive (VFD) may be used at plants with thermal power, mills, water supply facilities, for oil and chemical industries, and at mining and iron-and-steel plants.

Advantages of the applying of the AT27 VFD:

  • lower power consumption;
  • launch high-starting-torque motors;
  • enhance the reliability and extend the service life of motors;
  • enhance the reliability and extend the service life of machinery driven by motors;
  • eliminate water hammers in a piping system;
  • decrease the rate of equipment failure;
  • reduce costs for repairs and maintenance;

Operating modes

There are two modes of operation provided by AT27 VFD while controlling electric motors:

  • Manual
  • Automatic

Be sure to choose the right VFD for your business!