W00t! Second-gen iPad may get USB’d

Do you love your iPad but hate the fact that Apple refused to include a USB port?

Fortunately, the second-gen iPad may feature an integrated USB port, although it is unclear if the tablet will offer support for USB 2.0 or 3.0.

Yeah, the latter would certainly be better, but hell, I’ll take any kind of USB support over the limited options offered by the current Apple-hyped adapter.

So, what is the source for this tantalyzing and hopefully accurate rumor?

Well, Eldar Murtazi, who serves as serves as editor in chief of the Mobile Review blog, tweeted the long-awaited (but as of yet, unconfirmed) news.

“Talked with colleague which working with some [original design manufacturer] vendors connected with Apple,” Murtazi wrote. 

“He is [a] research guy. According to his sources, iPad2 will have [a] USB port.”

If true, the addition of a USB port would be a welcome addition for bazillions of iPad owners, as the first-gen model uses a 30-pin connector for syncing and charging.

And, as noted above, the current iPad offers only limited USB connectivity via an adapter (sold separately) that plugs into the 30-pin slot.

(Via AppleInsider) [[Apple]]