Real-life ‘Frogger’ pwned and owned by SUV

Hot damn, we may have to resurrect the Darwin Awards for this one! 

That’s right folks, a South Carolina man was recently hit by an SUV while playing a real-life version of the classic video-game known as “Frogger.”

According to the Associated Press, the 23-year-old specimen of evolution gone wrong was rushed to a hospital in Anderson after being struck by the fast-moving vehicle at 9PM on Monday.

Police chief Jimmy Dixon told the AP that the man yelled “go” to his friends before madly dashing into oncoming traffic barreling up and down the four-lane highway.

Unfortunately, the name of the Frogger wannabe – who remains in stable condition – has not been released. 

Which is probably a good thing for him, but obviously not for the public at large.

Although really, how does one go back to real life after cavorting through oncoming traffic for fun?

What’s next?

Skydiving without a parachute? Jumping into a swimming pool without any water? Or perhaps running Windows without an anti-virus program installed?