Video Conversion

Looking to affordably convert 8mm to DVD and Super 8 film to your preferred digital format? No matter what kind of video tape you have, odds are good you can convert and restore it.

Beat the Hands of Time

The most compelling reason to use video conversion services is to preserve video tapes before they are no longer playable. If you have videos sitting around from the ’80s and ’90s, time is no longer on your side. Research suggests that VHS tape will experience a 10 to 20 percent signal loss after about 10-25 years from what’s termed magnetic remanence decay. You can convert and restore all types of videos, including:

• VHS tapes that were used to record TV shows

• Video tapes that were used in camcorders

• Video tapes that were professionally produced for events like weddings, anniversaries, or birthday parties

• Betacam (including Betacam SP and SX) or DVCPRO tapes

• DVCPRO 25, DVCPRO 50, and DVCPRO HD tapes

Watch Your Video Content Anywhere

Another appealing benefit of video conversion is the ability to watch your videos anywhere. This is because you can use high-tech processes to convert video to DVD format. You can also do conversions to BluRay and other digital formats. After conversion is complete, you’ll no longer have to use your old VCR to watch what was recorded back in the days when VHS ruled the world. Simply use any device that can play digital content and you’ll be all set.

Leading Video Conversion Technology

If you spend a lot of time researching, developing, and fine-tuning the methods you can use to convert film and video content. One of the innovations you can be most proud of is Advanced Noise Reduction Technology. What it does is remove about 95 percent of video noise from tapes. The result is converted videos that have cleaner, sharper images. Sure, there are machines you can buy that can do the same thing, but what you often get with such devices is nothing more than a copy of what was on the original tape without any improvements in quality.

Video Conversion = Video Restoration

Because of the technology used to perform conversions, you’ll get more than just a copy of your old videos on DVD, BluRay, or any other digital format you prefer. Instead, you’ll get video that’s even better than what was originally seen on your videos. Oftentimes, we’re able to correct issues with color and noise. Still, you can’t guarantee that every old video tape can be successfully restored, especially if the tape itself has deteriorated. But we can promise that we’ll evaluate your videos and let you know what we can do and what you can expect.

Multiple Conversion Options

A common option preferred is to transfer videos to DVDs, which can definitely make it easy to share what was captured with friends and family members. However, you can also convert VHS, 8mm and Hi8 tapes to BluRay, a format that requires less compression than what’s required for DVD transfers. Additionally, you can opt for formats like AVI, MOV, HD-AVI, and ProRes that also require less compression.