Verizon’s first 4G phone might be a Motorola phone

Is it possible we could see a “Droid 4G”?

Verizon launched its 4G network earlier this month but has remained mum on future phones that will actually be able to take advantage of the new high-speed spectrum. We still don’t know much, but now it looks like it will be a Motorola phone.

In a Wall Street Journal report, Verizon COO John Stratton was quoted as saying “Motorola will be right there” when Verizon announces its first 4G handsets.

Verizon probably looks to Motorola as an angel sent from above. Motorola gave the mobile provider the Droid, which has become the most-known Android phone as well as the second best-selling phone in the country. It’s still outsold, by a large margin, by the iPhone, but other than that it outsells every other handset on the market. No other Android phone even comes close.

So it makes sense that Verizon would want to partner with Motorola when it comes to bringing out its first 4G phone.

Verizon has confirmed it will be making 4G product announcements at next month’s CES trade show, so it looks like Motorola will be giving a co-presentation with the service provider in just a couple weeks.

4G will be the only topic worth discussing at CES, and it will be a big one. It will be the first CES since the launch of 4G phones, so when we’re not looking at 3D stuff, we’ll be looking at 4G phones.

While there is no name yet confirmed for the 4G Motorola/Verizon phone, we seriously hope it will carry the Droid label.