Kindle case causes device to crash

It’s hard to think that a leather case could cause malfunctions to an electronic device, but that’s exactly what is happening to some people who purchases Amazon’s official Kindle case.

The black “Kindle Leather Cover” is reported to cause some Kindle owners a whole lot of headaches. While reading a book with the e-reader in the case, it crashes and reboots. These users have to simply stop using the case.

While no one’s quite sure what could be causing the problem, Amazon support forums have lit up with the suggestion that the case’s metal hinges are causing the problem. Users posit that the metal is somehow interfering with the Kindle screen, causing it to have a complete meltdown.

Interestingly enough, it’s only affecting those who bought the standard case, and not those who purchased one with a reading light built-in.

While it may seem easy to think that these users are just doing something wrong to the Kindle and blaming the case, Amazon has come forward to recognize the issue. It’s offering a replacement or full refund to everyone who bought one.

Hopefully everyone out there has a very merry Christmas, but if you’re getting someone an official leather Kindle cover from Amazon, you might want to warn them after they open it. [[Kindle]]