Verizon confirms will make 4G announcements at CES

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but Verizon has confirmed the widely assumed this week, as we now know for sure the company will be showing off 4G products at next month’s CES.

That’s thanks to a cutely-worded Tweet on Verizon’s official Twitter account, which reads:

“Jan. 6 at CES: Android and LTE – could it be like peanut butter and chocolate? YUM!”

LTE, of course, refers to Long Term Evolution, or the name of Verizon’s 4G network. It’s slightly different than what T-Mobile and Sprint are using for their respective, already-deployed 4G infrastructures.

It was Verizon who really became the most noteworthy player in the mobile sector in 2010. The Droid, which launched very late in 2009, took off in ways no one could have seen. Verizon, which previously had almost no namesake in the Android community, came forward to become THE defining name for Google’s mobile operating system.

The company will have a lot to talk at CES, no doubt about it. The bigger thing on everyone’s mind is whether or not Verizon will announce an iPhone running on its network during the show. It will have the attention of hundreds of thousands of people during the keynote presentation, so there’s gotta something big if it wants to garner any sort of positive coverage.

In the world of mobile, 2011 will be all about 4G. With varying standards and network technologies, it’s going to be a competitive year out there. We already hear different carrier talking about having the fastest, or the largest, or the “most advanced” 4G networks, but the question is who will come out ahead.