BMW ad burns logo onto viewers’ eyelids

BMW has screened a motorcycle advertisement in Germany that burns the company’s logo onto the viewers’ eyes as an after-image.

The company that created the ad, Paper Plane, says it’s the first time an advertising commercial has displayed a logo that isn’t directly visible.

“It does this by using an after-image of the brand to literally get inside peoples’ heads,” says the company.

The ad shows champion motorcyclist Ruben Xaus talking about his motivation for racing while he’s shown zooming around the track. Towards the end, he tells people that, to live their dream, it’s necessary to look deep inside yourself.

“Just close your eyes and look deep inside yourself,” he says. “Maybe it’s your dream too. Close your eyes and you will see it. Close them now.”

And when viewers do just that, they see the BMW logo imprinted on the inside of their eyelids as if by magic.

“While the cinema ad was playing, we illuminated the BMW logo with a harmless photoflash onto the audience’s eyes. The audience at first only perceives a bright flash during thr ad,” says Paper Plane.

“However, when they were asked to close their eyes at the end of the ad, they were surprised to see the BMW logo as an afterimage.”

There’s a YouTube video describing how the effect works – and showing its effect on viewers.

“At the end of the film, when he said ‘close your eyes’ it was really amazing – I could read BMW. I was really impressed,” says one.