Unreal ready to frag Android

Epic is reportedly poised to officially port its Unreal Engine to Google’s Android mobile operating system.

“Ever since GDC 2010 when it was mentioned that support for the iPhone (now iOS in general) was coming to the UDK (Unreal Developers Kit), eventual Android support was left in the air,” explained ExtremeT of DroidGamers.

“However, for some reason, which seems to be due to Apple [easing] its developer restrictions, iOS support was confirmed via press release and Android support was pretty much confirmed.”

ExtremeT also noted that Epic had publicly demoed the platform on Android devices in recent weeks, with Epic VP Mark Rein running Unreal Engine 3 on both a Tegra 2 Android tablet and the Samsung Galaxy S. 

“If you are demoing it on Android devices and there are already games being demoed on Android devices that use the Unreal Engine then it’s pretty safe to say it’s on its way,” he added.