Tricked out Galaxy S Pro specs hit the ‘Net

The Samsung Galaxy S Pro boasts some tricked out specs, including a slide-out keyboard, an ARM Cortex A8 @ 1GHz processor, 8.2 gigabytes of ROM and 512MB of RAM.

According to Android Central, the device also features a 5MP rear-facing camera with 1x optical zoom (720p recording), along with a front-facing, VGA camera.

“The Super AMOLED screen [is] gorgeous. Blacks are very dark [and] almost look wet. Font edges look a tad fuzzy, like on the Nexus One. But when viewing white text on a black background, they’re very easy to read,” explained Phil Nickinson of Android Central.

“The resolution appears to be 480×800. The screen size is noticeably smaller than the Evo 4G, but bigger than the Nexus One. So it may well be the same 4-inch screen that’s on the Galaxy S. Very responsive, only needed a light touch.”

In addition, Nickinson noted that the device currently ran Android 2.1, but was unsure if it would ship with Froyo (2.2).

“[Still], it sounds like the TouchWiz 3.0 customizations are on board…Which our tipster wasn’t crazy about but says ‘really cool scrolling people widget makes up for it.’

“So that’s it for now…It’s possible we may see it announced in a week or so at the New York event. Let’s hope so, as the Galaxy S Pro is shaping up to be another (yes, another) must-have phone this year.”