Barnes & Noble touts WiFi-only Nook

Barnes & Noble has introduced a $150 WiFi-only Nook, while lowering the price of its flagship 3G e-Reader from $260 to $200.

The new Nook features a color touch screen, along with an E-Ink display and LendMe technology, which allows readers to share eBooks with friends for up to 14 days.

“This latest addition to the Nook family gives [users] the opportunity to take advantage of the proliferation of both in-home and public Wi-Fi hotspots, where they can browse the Web and shop the Barnes & Noble eBookstore of more than one million eBooks, periodicals and other digital content,” explained B&N VP Tony Astarita.

“And with expansion of fast and free Wi-Fi access beyond Barnes & Noble stores to thousands of AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots, we’re bringing additional freedom and flexibility to all Nook 3G and Wi-Fi customers.”

Additional Nook WiFi features include:

  • Dual displays – 6″ E-Ink and 3.5″ LCD lower color touchscreen for navigation.
  • Content – Access to one million eBooks, magazines and newspapers.
  • Games, music and Web – Play Chess or Sudoku, listen to songs or browse the Web, check news and email.

  • 2GB of memory – Stores approximately 1,500 eBooks.
  • Battery life – 10 days with WiFi turned off.
  • Go To Page feature – Allows readers to jump to a specific page number in an open eBook.