What are the Different Kinds of Dresses?

The fashion is industry is rapidly developing. Designers are continually surprising the world with their creations and introducing new trends. Trends come and go but some of them are just meant to stay there.

There are hundreds of types of dresses that we have witnessed over this time for instance convertible dress, infinity dress, bridesmaid dresses and a lot more. However, there are certain types of dresses that every women must have in their fashion arsenal.

Here is a list of dresses that every women must possess and how to wear them:

Casual maxi

A casual maxi can be worn anywhere. Whether it be an informal date, a lunch with friends and family or a day of tasks, this outfit can fit in each and every context. The best part about maxis is that it doesn’t only appear exceptional but it is highly comfortable to wear.

This outfit can be worn with a pair of gladiator sandals during summer whereas ankle boots and a jacket would work when the climate is colder.

Slip dress

Slip dresses have been in the trend lately. Wearing a black slip can look highly appealing if combined with a pair of heels. However, it can be worn with other shoes as well, whatever suits the most. It can even be worn over a Henley shirt for a greasy look.

If you want to give it a more casual look, then pair it with an oversized menswear sweater along with strappy sandals.

Sheath dress

This dress emphasizes a more formal look as compared to other dresses. A classic sheath dress looks perfect for a formal day at work. The best part of this dress is the way it transits from one form to another by just making changes to the jewelry and shoes.

It can be paired with a blazer and classic pumps for office. If you prefer a semi-formal look, then combine it with strappy sandals and appropriate jewelry.

Lace dress

Nothing can be more glamorous than a dress that has been purely created with lace. A number of famous retailers like Zara, Dolce & Gabbana and H&M have recently focused on this edition of dress. It enhances the charm and elegance of the wearer.

Since the dress emphasizes on simplicity, keep it the way it is by pairing it with classic pumps and a lady bag. However, the look can be altered with deep colored lipstick and big earrings.

Party dress

As it sounds, the purpose of the dress is to give wearer a look that every women craves for. It enhances the cheery look and feel. Every women must have a party dress in their closet given how it brings up shine on the wearer.

A gown

This is probably the most versatile dress which can be paired up with a number of accessories depending on the event you are heading towards. Play up with hair and makeup adding some stones on the body to enhance the look of dress ultimately.