Survey: Americans believe technology will fix complex social ills

Chicago (IL) – A recently conducted Harris Interactive poll indicates that most Americans believe technology can help solve complex social issues, including the country’s failing education system and a stalled auto industry.

Indeed, approximately 73% of survey respondents agreed that America’s long-term success could be ensured by responsibly investing in advanced technology and education. In addition, 71% recommended that the US automobile industry increase its investment in hybrid vehicles and alternative fuels, while a similar number supported the use of technology to improve the management of medical records and patient care (67%).

Over a quarter of consumers responded positively to the concept of streamlining the flow of traffic with GPS technology and controlling home appliances from a mobile unit. 26% supported the introduction of 4G wireless networks capable of providing seamless voice, Internet, and entertainment to various mobile units.

Nevertheless, at least two-thirds of Americans believed that society remained overly “dependent” on electronic devices, while 61% agreed that mobile technology did not “make people more productive.” Additionally, two in five survey respondents were uncomfortable with the thought of their family doctor monitoring vital signs in real time with mobile technology.

Harris Vice President Joe Porus explained that business decision makers were currently “more bullish” on wireless technology than consumers.

“Businesses large and small are increasing their investments in wireless applications and believe a 15% benefit is going right to their bottom line. The good news is they feel the wireless industry has a very bright future despite the recent economic turndown as long as they can continue to deliver on a value proposition that resonates with both consumers and business decision makers,” said Porus.