Chinese blamed for hack into Joint Strike Fighter system

CVhicago (IL) – Security at the $300 billion Joint Strike Fighter project has been breached by spies, with the finger being pointed at China.

According to the report, in today’s Wall Street Journal, the spooks have downloaded terabytes of data before the attack was noticed. Design and electronic systems data were copied, the same report said, quoting unnamed US government officials. The Joint Strike Fighter – the F-35 Lightning II, and built by Lockheed Martin – uses 7.5 million lines of code, the report said.

But although the downloading of that data could compromise defense systems, apparently the most secret information about the fighers isn’t held on networked systems. The Chinese government has denied that it is anything to do with breaches of security.

Last month, the Pentagon claimed that the Chinese military is honing its ability to conduct cyber war.

Sources told the Journal that networks used by contractors were compromised and IP numbers were tracked back to China.