New Industry Ideas

Perhaps you’re an investor who’s looking to enter a new initiative on the ground floor. Maybe you’re a prospective founder who wants to create a company with good prospects for a sound future. Regardless of your goals, you should take a look at the forecasts for new industries before you move forward.

Entrepreneurs, funders and others who want to get in the ground floor of an industry that has a good chance of bringing in significant revenues can check out some of these new ideas.

Granny Pods

As the population ages, the question of how to best help seniors age in place is a growing concern. Many of those seniors remain active and mobile well into their ’80s and ’90s. They function independently for the most part and wish to live on their own. However, many seniors still want and need to be close to family. The solution is a growing new industry called “Granny Pods.”

Granny Pods are tiny houses that are built for accessibility and comfort. They include a living room, bedroom and gallery kitchen. Doorways and hallways are wide enough for a walker or wheelchair. Floors are carefully built to eliminate any type of tripping hazards. The bathroom includes rails and other handicap-accessibility amenities.

The best thing about the Granny Pods is that they can be installed in a backyard. This allows elderly parents to live close to their offspring who can provide a support system as they age in place. Granny Pods can often be installed without building permits or other costly bureaucratic procedures and the individuals can enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle for as long as physically possible.


The Department of Education has been promoting the inclusion of Educational Technology in American Schools for a decade. The mandate, to focus on preparing tomorrow’s workforce by teaching them via EdTech tools and techniques, has strengthened over the last ten years.

EdTech is viewed as a way to teach material through video, audio, drawing, animation, assessment, storytelling, presentation, collaborative, journaling, blogging, coding, timeline and other interactive tools. The goal involves presenting the material in a way that engages the students and makes them feel comfortable with 21st century technology.

Companies that get involved in EdTech can create programs, improve learning management systems and provide professional development for educators who need to get their tech skills up to snuff. Financial researchers show that Investments in education technology companies reached $429 million in 2011, tripling over the course of 9 years. Those numbers continue to multiply as the demand grows.

Mobile App Development

The majority of Internet interaction today takes place through mobile usage Companies are well-aware of this development and are scrambling to adapt their online presence to the mobile screen. As the businesses expand operations onto mobile platforms the demand for mobile apps rises.

Apps are the mobile applications that bring computer programs directly to mobile smartphones, tablets and watches. When using a mobile app the user simply presses the icon of a previously downloaded app on his mobile screen. That allows him to bypass the mobile browser and access the program immediately.

Now almost every business is trying expand operations onto mobile platforms. This puts developers, designers and engineers in high demand. Since businesses don’t want to go through the process of hiring different individuals to work on each stage of the process, need for App Development companies – where all app development services are located under one roof — is growing.

Financial observers encourage freelance app developers to move ahead to establish a business. They can get their operation off the ground quickly and forgo the newest and most expensive technology by making do with basic devices and software.

Furthermore, the big mobile app developers account for under a quarter of app development revenue, leaving a wide field for independent developers to move forward. App developers are in high demand in almost every sector today, including in education, finance, online casino gambling and other entertainment fields.

Green Tech

Today, taking care of the environment is everyone’s concern.  That’s why Green Tech industries are looking at a bright and lucrative future. Green tech is nothing new. What’s new is Green Tech solutions which is exciting entrepreneurs and investors alike. Green Tech solutions are business model innovations that seek to accelerate the adoption of clean energy without taking on the burdens and risks that are associated with manufacturing clean energy.

One example involves solar panels which allows home and business owners to use solar for much of their energy needs. Clean energy isn’t dependent on waiting for a utility to adopt it The utility companies are slow and conservative. With a Green Tech solution you sell directly to the buyer.

In today’s economic climate, if you’re prepared to work, there are endless possibilities to move ahead with a new industry.