John McCain to be "Twitterviewed": First interview conducted over Twitter

Chicago (IL) – Journalism is changing. On Tuesday, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos is planning to conduct an interview with the former presidential candidate, John McCain, for his show This Week. I would say that typically, even chatting on Twitter can be quite a pain due to its 140-character limit. However in this instance with such a limited form of communications and two players typically long-winded, it should be quite interesting to see how a full interview with the former presidential candidate plays out.

ABC calls this a “twitterview”, with the questions and answers delivered by the website Twitter and its 140 character microblogging interface.

Both McCain and Stephanopoulos are regular Twitter users and are typically pretty active. McCain, for example, tweets about his schedule on an almost daily basis.

The interview will be conducted at noon eastern daylight time on Twitter, and should only last 10 to 15 minutes. To see both sides of the interview you’ll have to follow both McCain and Stephanopoulos on Twitter. As a reader, you’ll even have an opportunity to tweet questions for McCain to Stephanopoulos — though don’t expect them to answer more than a couple on this first type of public-access interview. [In fact, TG Daily would not be surprised to see a bunch of organized protestors attempting to flood both parties with twitter overload. -Editor]

I think its great to see how media and social networking can be utilized in multiple methods for journalism and reporting. In the future, Twitter could be the home of great events, and conversation.