Comcast and Sony join forces in retail venture, demo 100 Mbps Internet

Philadelphia (PA) – A new retail store called Sony StyleComcast Labs will be added to the Comcast Center, a brand new skyscraper in Philadelphia which also serves as the headquarters for Comcast, the nation’s single largest cable operator. The store will focus on new technologies and interactive product available from Comcast and Sony.

Sony already has over 40 retail stores around the U.S., called Sony Style, and at this time this joint venture is going to be for a single store only, according to Comcast’s Robert Faught, senior VP of Retail and Alternate Channel Sales. No nation-wide franchise is expected.

The new store will be a 3400 square foot retail space with a preview of broadband Internet equipment allowing shoppers to surf at 100 Megabits per second. While this is about 17 times faster than most Comcast cable subscribers can surf today, Comcast is planning to roll out the 100 Megabit per second service by year’s end — though likely on a very limited basis.

For their part, Sony will be bringing its existing Sony Style to Comcast Labs, displaying its new cable TV interface called Tru2way. This device allows all cable providers (including Comcast) to standardize their systems so that a single set-top box operates with every cable company, meaning no new remotes or systems to learn when switching carriers.

Sony will also highlight its other popular products, such as PlayStation products, laptops, cameras and camcorders, and will bring their popular concierge Q&A counter to the new store.