Coming soon: buy digital content at airports

If you plan on flying out of Atlanta this summer, you’ll be one of the first to see what could be the first of many new airport kiosks: one that offers movies and music downloaded directly to a memory card.

Duluth, GA-based NCR Corp, which designs things like ATM machines and store checkout systems, is working on creating the kiosks. The company partnered with digital services expert MOD Systems to make TV shows, movies, and music available to travelers instantly.

Consumers could download the content to an SD card, Memory Stick, etc, or a USB drive and then play it on their laptop during their flight.

Like other digital content stores, customers will be able to buy the content outright or rent it at a highly reduced price (making the content valid for a period of 48 hours after it is opened for the first time). NCR has already ran pilot tests on movie rental rates of around $4, and 99 cents for a music track.

The first to install the new kiosk will be Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, with an expected release window of some time this June.