Breaking News: Lodgify and Airbnb Partner Up

New Web Tech for Vacation Rental Owners

Lodgify and Airbnb have recently entered into a partnership which will allow for a seamless two-way service between the two vacation-rental platforms, using a full API integration.

Lodgify members can now use the company’s browser-based vacation-rental software solution to manage every aspect of their properties, directly from their Lodgify website. The new partnership creates a conduit through which all property-related information, including booking details, rate information, lodging availability, and much more, is automatically synchronized between the two services in real time.

Messages, reviews, and updates to the property are also updated on both services as they occur. In addition, Lodgify users can now advertise their listings and properties on Airbnb in a matter of a few simple clicks.

Lodgify is a web-based vacation rental platform that facilitates the process of showcasing available properties in a private web space. Users of the platform can effortlessly integrate all or the information associated with their properties with several travel agencies at the same time while allowing users to manage changes to the property listings all from one place.

Airbnb is the well-knownvacation rental website allowing people to showcase their properties in order to rent them out for short stay as well as long stay travellersvisiting the location the owner’s property is situated.

From the Lodgify CEO

Speaking about the new partnership, Dennis Klett, CEO of Lodgify, said that he was extremely excited about the new partnership between his company and Airbnb. Klett is also very excited about Lodgify’s newfound ability to give its users a fully-integrated connection to the popular Airbnb community and platform. The development is said to be one of the most notable steps in the company’s process of becoming a leader in multi-channel vacation-rental platforms.

The two-way, API synchronization offered by the new partnership allows users to keep both their Lodgify and Airbnb listings up to date when changes occur. When bookings are made on either platform, availability information is updated on both platforms within seconds. According to Klett, the goal of Lodgify is to help vacation-rental owners expand their horizons by increasing their visibility in the marketplace.

When speaking about the benefits that the new partnership will bring to both current and new users of the Lodgify platform, Klett pointed out that when new users sign up with the Lodgify platform they are able to get started with their business immediately. Beyond that, users are also able to put their listings on popular networks like Airbnb and which reaches millions of customers in a matter of minutes.

Klett has no plans to slow the development of his company’s platform and promises to continue improving the tools available to Lodgify customers. Lodgify’s goal is to create the most well-connected vacation-rental platform in the world – reaching the biggest vacation-rental communities in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers have already begun leaving positive reviews about the new relationship between Airbnb and Lodgify. A vacation-rental owner in Düsseldorf, VelinaEvangelidou, has stated that the connection between the two platforms is the most advanced integration available and that she is able to effortlessly manage every aspect of her vacation rental on Airbnb, right from her own Lodgify website.

About Lodgify

Lodgify is a website creation service that operates entirely online, allowing users to create fully-featured property listings. Once created, a Lodgify website can give users the ability to handle reservations and payments. As an added benefit, users can also sync up to popular booking channels like and Airbnb which increases visibility.

About Airbnb

Airbnb is an online vacation-rental platform that specializes in providing unique travel experiences to their customer base. Airbnb features listings in more than 35 thousand cities worldwide and they facilitate a broad selection of lodging, including private homes, apartments, hotels and hostels. Airbnb has become known for its ability to offer a global network of hosts and guests.