China’s Traffic Sollution, a Car Eating Bus?

As the world’s most populated country, China naturally has its fair share of traffic problems. In order to deal with the traffic congestion, a new project was unveiled at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo, and it sure looks like the future is here.

The models for the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) show an elevated bus that travels on roads over cars, avoiding traffic jams and looking impressive in general.

Looking ready to turn into a giant automaton any moment, the TEB boasts of a carrying capacity of 1,200 persons and the cost of construction would be one-fifth of the cost of constructing a subway. This way, the bus can smoothly take a large number of passengers without obstructing any traffic.

If this works, this could alleviate China’s traffic problems and reduce pollution, and could be ready in a year’s time. Of course it does depend on other drivers willingness to stick to their lane and wait patiently to be rolled over by a bus.

This is what Chinese traffic really looks like.