Comic-Con Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

In recent years, there’s been speculation that Comic-Con would be moving out of San Diego, and it is remarkable that fans all over the world are always willing to come to the mountain, instead of wishing for the mountain to come to them.

Well, the mountain isn’t moving any time soon, in fact, Variety reports that Comic-Con will stay in San Diego until 2018.

And indeed, there’s over a hundred thousand geeks that descend on San Diego ever year for Comic-Con, with the speculation being they needed more room, with the possibility of moving to L.A., or Anaheim, CA. As Variety reports, the mayor of San Diego was trying to get hotels to lower their rates, which usually go through the roof when Con is in town.

Comic Con will be hitting San Diego on July 9, and it will end on the 12th. While several major companies won’t be appearing this year, including Marvel believe it or not, but there will definitely plenty of great geek stuff to celebrate, especially Star Wars, which is now just about six months away.