Can Gaming Make You Smarter?

While gaming has come a long way since the ‘70’s, there will always be people who feel gaming is a waste of brain cells, something that doesn’t make you smarter.

There are, of course, benefits to gaming that we know about, like hand / eye coordination, and now has a report that tells us that gaming may actually make you smarter. As this report tells us, “since gamers are required to constantly take on new tasks, they are better able to problem-solve.”

And as one scientist said in this report, “It may be possible that the vast amount of visual training frequent gamers receive over the years could help contribute to honing consolidation mechanisms in the brain, especially for visually developed skills.”

And another source said that if gaming could prove to “improve some cognitive thinking, perhaps we, as a society, can embrace newer technology and media with positive application.”

Gaming can definitely keep your mind sharp, and gaming has come a long way in terms of storytelling and intelligence, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they can indeed make you smarter, or train your brain to be sharper and stronger, and we’re curious to see if gaming can indeed have long time