Legendary Genre Producer Passes Away

Less than a week after Leonard Nimoy passed on, Harve Bennett has died at the age of 84. If the name isn’t familiar, you know the TV shows and movies he’s produced. The Six Million Dollar Man. The Bionic Woman. Rich Man, Poor Man. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Bennett played a big hand in bringing the Star Trek movies to glory, especially after Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which was a money making hit, but bored audiences to tears. (It often went by the nickname Star Trek The Motionless Picture.)

Bennett started out as a producer on The Mod Squad, and he was an executive producer on the hit mini-series Rich Man, Poor Man before being the executive producer on the robotic tag-team The Six Million Man and The Bionic Woman.

Then came the resurrection of the Star Trek movies, starting with Khan, then following up with Trek III: The Search for Spock, The Voyage Home, and The Final Frontier.

The Wrath of Khan is still the best Trek film, and we have Harve, as well as the writing and directing greatness of Nicholas Meyer to thank for that. Rest in peace Harve, and thank you for many great years of television and movies.