Dr. Who Graphic Novel With Three Past Doctors Series Coming This Summer

Since Hollywood’s adapting so many graphic novels these days, it only makes sense to adapt movies and TV into comics as well. This has been going on for quite some time, and a graphic novel is a great way to continue a movie or TV show’s plotline, much like the Pacific Rim comics.

Now there’s going to be a Doctor Who comic coming this summer from Titan Comics, and as Collider tells us, it’s going to have three Doctor Whos, the tenth, who was played by David Tennant, the eleventh Doctor Who, who was played by Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi, the current good doctor.

Paul Cornell, who has been with the series a long time, will be writing these issues, which will run from August to September.

It’s great to see Doctor Who still going strong after all this time, and bringing past Doctor Whos together in the graphic novel format. While the show Doctor Who has shown few limitations in where it can go, it’s now going in a fascinating new direction in the graphic novel form that could be too difficult to pull off on the show.

Or could it? Betcha they could come up with an interesting way to bring the last three Doctor Whos in a special that would be very satisfying to fans, and wouldn’t be embarrassing to the character’s legacy.