Walking Dead Finally Gets Beat in the Ratings

Usually The Walking Dead is the ratings juggernaut that can’t be beat no matter what…until now.

The zombie show that defeated the NFL has now taken a hit from a very special special, SNL’s 40th Anniversary. With Eddie Murphy, John Goodman, Tina Fey, Sarah Palin, and more, it certainly had enough star power to knock out a zombie horde.

As Deadline reports, “After a record breaking first half of its Season 5, including the all-time series high of the October 12 season debut last year, The Walking Dead will face another tough slog next week when it goes up against the Oscars.” In fact, reports tell us this has been a series ratings low for Walking Dead.

Still, there’s many who don’t care to watch the Oscars, which is quite a slog in itself, so we’ll see how it fares against the most self-important night in Hollywood this weekend. And TVbytheNumbers.com tells us “the series still ranks well above every other scripted television program,” proving again, like we love to say, it’s hard to keep good zombies down.