Chicks Dig the Walking Dead

It used to be that horror and gore were a male geek domain. If you liked horror, it was a great friend to have when you were lonely, because it often meant you couldn’t get women.

Times have certainly changed, because women love geek stuff, and are driving big numbers for Walking Dead on Facebook, according to recent data.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that over 14% of TV discussion on Facebook last week was related to The Walking Dead, and a big majority of the people who loved it on FB are women. The Reporter also tells us “historically, about 60% of comments about The Walking Dead come from women.”

Women are also big fans of Sons of Anarchy, and men only slightly out-edge women in terms of Game of Thrones fandom comments. Again, women are liking this kind of stuff more than ever, and a lot of women liked Fight Club too. (Perhaps it’s something about ripped, macho men being violent and testosterone driven that women dig.)

It’s funny to remember how back in the day gory horror films were considered the scourge of society, and now you can see worse bloodshed any night of the week on CSI, Walking Dead, and other shows. The fact that it’s no longer a turn off to women also shows how far horror has come.