Toshiba Thrive tablet faces crippling glitch

Toshiba Thrive owners are finding out that sometimes when their consumer electronics go to sleep, they don’t wake up.

We have yet to see if Toshiba’s flagship tablet will thrive in the increasingly competitive, iPad-dominated market. However, things aren’t starting off as smoothly as the company would hope.

In addition to facing numerous reviews that pegged it as just mediocre, there appears to be a glitch that’s leading to more than a few headaches.

Apparently for many users, when the tablet goes into sleep mode, it won’t wake up. The screen goes black to conserve power, but when users hit a button to bring it back to life, nothing happens.

The only way to restore access to the device is to power it off completely and then turn it back on, thus losing all unsaved documents and other content like save points in Android games or apps.

The Thrive hasn’t really done much to differentiate itself from the myriad other Android tablets on the market, though it does seem to be a rather solid, affordable option from a well-known manufacturer.

The fact that it’s less than $500 makes it appealing to budget-conscious consumers, and makes it more accessible than the Motorola Xoom or most of the Samsung Galaxy Tab models.

But having a problem like this certainly isn’t going to win any favors from anyone. Toshiba responded to users on its official forum and is asking for more information from people who are experiencing the bug, including with version of the Thrive they’re using and whether the glitch happens every time it goes into sleep mode or just some of the time.

The company promises it is working on a solution but so far hasn’t figured out if it is indeed something that can be fixed through a simple software update.