Check out the Spacebook dual-screen laptop

It’s certainly sure to turn heads, but just how practical is it?

A company called gScreen, which focuses on specially designed hardware, has created the Spacebook, a unique laptop that allows users to have two displays running side-by-side, simultaneously.

We’re not just talking small, insignificant displays here either. Both screens have 1920×1080 resolution and measure in at 17.3 inches. It’ll cost your shoulders 10 pounds of effort to lug this guy around.

The Spacebook also packs quite a punch under the hood as well, with configurations available for an Intel i5 or i7 processor, DDR3 RAM of up to 8 GB, and Nvidia’s GeForce GTS 250M graphics powering the whole thing. It also comes with a whopping 500 GB hard drive.

In addition, it has HDMI output, a Super-Multi DVD drive, and three USB ports.

But on to the main attraction – the laptop can function as just a normal 17-inch computer that you won’t feel self-conscious about taking to the library without an onslaught of onlookers.

However, if you really want to have that Powerpoint file open while you’re scanning your documents on another screen, or you want to watch a movie while doing your homework, or whatever other reason you can think of to have two independent screens working at the same time, simply slide out the secondary screen.

The second display stays powered off when hidden so as to conserve battery life. The company did not say how long the included battery can last with both screens on, but don’t expect it to withstand too much.

The Spacebook is now available for pre-order with prices ranging from $2,395 to $2,795 based on the specific configuration.