Top Windows Phones To Check Out In 2017

When it comes to the operating system of mobile phones, Windows is the third most popular option available to the users after iOS and Android. Microsoft came up with Windows phone which had impressive looks – all thanks to the Smart screen with colored tiles. The latest version of the Windows phones is 8.1 and it comes with a number of amazing features.

The best thing about Windows phones is that there are a number of budget-friendly options available in the market. Some of them are cheap compared to the Android phones too. The top Windows phones you will currently find in the market are:

HP Elite x3

HP Elite x3 is an amazing Windows phone with high-end features and excellent battery life. Moreover, the user experience and design is good enough to beat others in the market. The phone is bit pricey but, if you are looking for something best in the market, it is it.

Microsoft Lumia 950XL

Microsoft Lumia 950XL is the affordable option for the users looking for a Windows phone within the budget. The phone comes with larger screen space and a better processor compared to the others in the market. The main attraction of this phone is the features like Universal Apps and Continuum. Even though there is an absence of few apps and the software comes with few bugs on the Windows 10 OS, it can be a choice of the people looking for a cheaper option on Windows phones. If you have any plans to give it a try, better you can go for best deals from Currys.

Microsoft Lumia 950

Microsoft Lumia 950 comes with Windows 10 and it can definitely be a big thing for the users as they can now enjoy the Universal Apps as well as get the hand on Continuum, which offers mind-blowing features. The phone offers an easy to use design and comes with a decent hardware.

Nokia Lumia 930

The phone comes with semi-metal design and hardware. The phone lacks additional features but, it is just right for the people looking for Windows phones at a lesser price. The phone comes with Windows 8.1 OS and is the main attraction of the phone.

Microsoft Lumia 650

This addition from the Microsoft family is light in weight and well-built. The phone comes with Windows 10 mobile and a removable battery. The phone does not come with Continuum and the camera performance is limited too. So if you are planning to buy the phone for a starter, then it can be a cheaper model. Moreover, you can manage to save on the price by visiting

Nokia Lumia 735

Nokia Lumia 735 is definitely a smartphone for the teens as it is best for selfies. The phone come at a comfortable price range which justifies its performance. The added features that you can find on this model are 4G LTE, microSD support and Qi wireless charging.

Microsoft Lumia 435

If you are looking for a phone under £50, then it is the best phone you can buy. The phone does not come with high-end specs and is just right for the people who does not expect much from their phone or are new to the world of smartphones. Microsoft has confirmed that the later release during this year will have Windows 10 on the phone, which will then make it the cheapest phone with the OS. Now this sounds interesting, right?

Investing in the right phone and technology is very important if you are looking for ways to save money. With new models releasing every now and then, it will be definitely a thing to consider.