Top Video Editing Applications

Technology is developing rapidly and the concept of social interaction is changing. With the invention of devices like mobile phones and computers, a lot of things have revolutionized. Technology blogs like Techie Jerry can provide you insights into the recent developments.

Videos are infused into our social interactions. People cannot live without sharing videos. Even businesses are widely creating amazing videos to capture the attention of their audience. But just posting a video is not enough. Viewers want the videos to be creative and fascinating. Why would someone like to watch a boring video?

Fortunately, there are number of video editing apps that business can take advantage of. Video oriented marketing can attract more customers enhancing the sales. Video editing tools can take your content to a whole new level. Here are some of the top video editors:


GoPro has launched a video editing app named Quik which makes editing look a piece of cake. As the name suggests, mobile video can be edited quickly with a user friendly interface. Beginners can make their work look professional with very little effort invested. Applications offer the best features like auto-sync to the beat of soundtrack you choose, amazing filters and transitions. Quik is an amazing video editing application especially for amateurs, so don’t miss out on the opportunity.


This application is absolutely magical, especially for people who love to shoot videos. The application features sound effects, weather effects and much more. However this application is not free, you will have to buy it for a very nominal amount. You can upload the videos from here to another social media channel very easily.


This video editing app is also launched by GoPro. Being absolutely free, Splice offers the users variety of features which will make your work look professional. Features like sound effects, amazing filters and transitions, multiple audio track mixes and much more will enhance the quality of your video content. This is absolutely an incredible app if you are associated with the entertainment field. It also has a user friendly interface.


The interface of this application has been recently updated offering a better and faster platform to edit videos. It can create video slideshows from your gallery. Offering HD features, this video editing application can boost up the quality of your video content. It can even capture videos easily for Instagram. It is simply an amazing application.


Your fusion with this application will allow you to edit videos in an unprecedented manner. It has an amazing easy to use interface where beginners and even professionals can edit their videos according to their needs. It can create double exposure pictures and videos. You can easily upload your videos from the library and choose filters to make your video look something exceptional. There is variety of filters available.


Creating video content is now a necessity for businesses. Video marketing strategies are in trend, so using the above video editing apps can gain businesses the edge they need.