Top Things To Consider Before Buying Second Hand iPhone Online

There is a whole section of people who will always prefer iPhones over Android whether it is because of better features or the brand image that comes with it. But given the high cost of iPhones, most of them prefer to go for used and refurbished ones. Buying an old iPhone is a wise decision as you can easily get the same features at a much lower price. However, before you invest in an old iPhone you should check it thoroughly for some damages and other similar issues like screen repair etc. Buying it from some good friend or family member gives you some idea about what are you getting into but if you purchasing it from some online vendor, there are various things you should take into account to make sure that you are getting it in good condition. So if you have finally decided to buy an old iPhone, consider the following things:

Verify the IMEI number

Given the thriving old and used iPhone market, people consider it wise to sell it rather than opting for a mobile repair service in case it is slightly damaged. Therefore, if you don’t take the necessary precaution you might end up with an iPhone with a replaced body. Even if it looks all new and shiny chances are that it has a survived a bad fall or have been submerged in water. Checking the IMEI number will give you a fair idea if the internals have been changed. In case it has been replaced you can either bargain for the price or buy a different one.

There are some free online tools to check the IMEI number. You can make use of that to check it against the global blacklist. Otherwise you can also ask the vendor to check it for you. One major advantage of using iPhone is the strong security feature offered by the company. Apple prevents the resale of stolen iPhones with Activation Lock Tool. Knowing the IMEI or MEID number will also help you find if the iPhone you want to buy is stolen or not.

Check the battery before buying

Since you cannot replace the battery of iPhone, it is good to make sure that the phone you are getting has a strong battery. A phone which is relatively new and has not been used much will come with a decent battery life. Always check the details about the battery life when shopping for old iPhones online if you don’t want to be disappointed later. In case the phone is older than one year ask the seller if they will install a new battery before selling. Apple installs new batteries in their iPhones. So if you are buying Apple certified pre-owned iPhones you are at an advantage. But if you are shopping from third party vendor you should ask them to reinstall the battery in case it is needed.

Consider your carrier

iPhones work on almost all networks including AT&T, Verizon and Sprint etc. However, the AT&T network uses an extra LTE signal. It doesn’t have many users which mean that you can enjoy faster speed with the WCS band if you are using AT&T network. So if you are buying an old iPhone online you can request the seller to tell you the model number if it’s not mentioned on the website already. This will help you check if the phone you are buying is compatible with your carrier.

Find out if it is still under warranty

Another important thing you should check before shopping for an old or used iPhone is find our if it is still under the warranty period. iPhones usually have a warranty period of one year under which it will be covered against various manufacturing and hardware defects. You can easily check the warranty period of the phone you are buying with the help of the IMEI number. Again ask the seller about the IMEI number or serial number if it is not provided there already.

Most iPhone user replaces their phone as soon as a new model is available in the market. The reason for this could be many ranging from personal preference or wanting to explore new features. If the iPhone you are considering to buy is less than a year old then you should consider yourself lucky as it is still under warranty.

Assess the features

If you are buying an old or second hand phone or used iPhone be prepared to receive some amount of wear and tear. But having major scratches on the screen, problem with 3D touch sensor or any hardware damage can be a big problem. When shopping for old iPhone online find out if you can inspect the phone in person. If it is not possible always make sure to buy from reliable sources. Also, get a fair amount of knowledge about the phone you are buying and its features. Since you are shopping for a used iPhone you cannot get the entire latest feature with it.