Trending Footwear Styles Of 2018

Good shoes take you good places”

Eyes of any individual first fall to the shoes the other person wears. It is a representation of one’s personality and style. It can speak louder than words and gives a hint of one’s personae. Marilyn Monroe rightly said- “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. So ladies, make sure you own and wear the perfect pair of shoes for you. It gives you nothing more than confidence and the power to rule better. And if you’re wearing the trend, you’re up-to date. It’s important to be aware of all the styles and trends that are taking over the market place. Have the knowledge, wear the trend and rule the world like a pro.

For one to be in vogue, here are the latest spring summer trends that are currently available. These are the ones that are being worn worldwide, take a look-

SNEAK -it out

Girls, go sneaky with your outfit. Wear the sneakers and kick the obstacles that come your way. Sneakers have been in trend for quite some time now and are here to stay. You can wear them with any outfit- dresses, jeans, jumpers etc. it can make any outfit look oh-so good! Then again there are a variety of sneaker types available which include white, trainer shoes, slip-on, embellished, platform etc. It’s solely one’s taste and choice. The white low-top are doing really well for the youth and they literally complement any outfit. The trainer sneakers include the branded ones like Nike, Adidas, Fendi, Marni etc. They are expensive but they are really worth the comfort and look they offer. Slip ones are the ones that are most preferred these days. They come with a variety of styles like floral, plains, shimmery etc. They are to just to be slipped-on and you are ready to go! Platforms play the role of heel sneakers. If you’re short and need some height for any outfit, these should be the right ones. So, sneakers are just a matter of one’s style and preference to choose from the plethora of varieties available. Everyone should own at least one pair to help elevate any outfit for the day.

BOOT ‘em up!

Boots have come back in the bazaars and this one footwear everyone is running for. Historically worn by cowboys, these riding boots have made a grand return and women love it. They are not for everyday wear. Wear them for an occasion or for a party and let them make you stand out in the crowd. Boots are not only added chic, but comfort as well. The ones that are trending are the cowboy and combat boots. The cowboy boots are traditionally rounded to pointed in toes, they are heeled one inch high and have no lacing. However, they have been buckled up and they look stunning. There are some classic colors like black, brown, fawn, maroon, and burnt red. Combat boots are better recommended for women. They are the ones that are laced up and have a better variety. You will be spoilt for choice with the variety of boots that have flooded the stores. Combat come with the same set of colors. They usually run one or two inches above the ankle and are mostly available in leather quality. Ladies, invest in a pair of boots and carry it better than the cowboys.

Feel Flattered!

Flat footwear is a preference all around the year. 2018 will be no different. They are in style and will remain throughout the year. Flats have another set of varieties but the chosen ones for this year are particularly multiple strap flats and studded buckles. The multiple straps were in fashion a long time ago and are back with a bang. Wear them with jeans or dresses, it compliments both. This is one style that has just returned and is being worn majorly by a lot of fashionistas. So, if you do not own one, it’s high time you spend some bucks on them. The studded buckles are a star-studded style product now. Best for party wear; they come with glitz and glamorous embellishments. This should be a perfect alternative choice to heels if you prefer flat footwear. They are just the right choice for a night party. If you want to be party ready, buy one now!!

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Lazy LOAFERS on the go

What should a woman wear to work when they want to ditch those formal heels? Wear the loafers and look like a fashion pro. Loafers are back and how! This trend is much loved by the corporate women and is now being widely worn with casual outfits to make one look classic. Ace the weekend movie plans or dates and loaf around in them. The loafers have a set of trending variations. If it’s for the office the classic black leather loafer is a must-have. If it’s for a weekend plan with your buddies, the sport loafers are just the right look to make it casual yet chic. The ultimate ones are the pointed loafers which will complement any look. Driving suede loafers are a perfect match to any weekend dress or outfit. Slip-on loafers can just go with the much casual meetings with friends and family but will make it a classy stand-out look. What more does one want when there are a wholesome variety of just the right loafers for any occasion? Loafers should be a must have in your 2018 wardrobe. Don’t think twice before investing in one. It’s a perfect choice for one and all.

PUMP- it up!

Stiletto pumps are a wardrobe must have. Be a stiletto in a room full of flats. Wear your heels in style and pump up your look. Stiletto pumps are a trend from the very beginning and they continue to be women’s favourite pair of shoes. The ones that are the recent trendsetters are the sling backs pumps and pointy toe stiletto pumps. If you love wearing heels, this is the latest trend which one must step into. Sling back pumps are the ones with straps which look extremely classy and can be paired with any outfit you wear. The pointy toe ones are just perfect to pair with pants, formals, meeting or even if you wear a simple dress. They look super chic and your wardrobe deserves to have at least one pair if not more. Wear the trend and look the best in these stiletto pumps. Wear them to a party or your business meeting, it goes with either. Make a purchase right away!

So here are the latest 5 trends which are ruling the fashion world and are completely in trend. If you are a shoe lover, it’s time you revamp and get up-to date with all the latest stylish pair of shoes. Choose your style and shop them online for better prices. It’s completely a matter of one’s choice and taste when one needs to choose the latest trend. You can be either a sneaker person who loves to go casual or a stiletto pump lover or both. Check your taste and catch up with all the trending shoes. Don’t wait, shop now!