Top Five Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers

The term trend is associated with a cold brew coffee maker. Enjoying this delicious drink is now a possibility at home even. We do crave cold drinks during warmer months. Cold brew coffee is the ideal drink one can have to meet the cravings. And with a cold brew coffee maker you can enjoy it whenever you want to. It’s a worthy investment. Providing a smoother flavor, cold brew coffee can revitalize your mood. However one thing to consider is time. The coffee making process is a long one. Patience is one of the ingredients to add while making the coffee. So before you sink your money into the appliance, gather more information about it and consider the top 5 best cold brew coffee makers below:

Toddy cold brewer

This brew system will lessen the acidity of coffee providing a smoother flavor. This appliance brews coffee with less acidity than normal brew coffee makers. Requiring no electricity, this system can even make tea. It uses normal coffee beans. Downsides that one may want to consider is that can be difficult to find substitution filters. It will cost you $35.

Hario water brew coffee pot

For all coffee lovers, this pot is one of the best things you can purchase. The system comes with reusable filters which are easier to clean. You can easily wash the pot in a dishwasher saving your time and effort. Downsides that you might want to consider are that the pot is a little bit tall and the plastic components make it pretty fragile.

Yama cold brew tower

This brewer is designed to brew on the countertop rather than in the fridge. The unit contains all the essential components to brew a tasty coffee. It is a unique model because it doesn’t fully immerse the coffee but drips ice cold water over the grounds. This will help you to alter the strength of the coffee. The process is also relatively speedy to other brewers. The wooden and glass components make it a beautiful model. However this model is fragile and expensive.

French press

You can make an amazing coffee using French press. French press cold brew is extremely easy to use. These are specially made to create cold brew. Cleaning is often the annoying part. It is even easy to clean up the system after brewing coffee. However there is one downside one may want to consider. It might leave large amount of sediment in the coffee.

Bruer cold coffee brewer

Costing around $75, it is relatively an expensive option but the quality is exceptional. The results you are going to receive will be worth it. It is a highly effective option if you want to brew cold coffee.


You can enjoy a smooth sweet brew using these coffee makers without putting in extra effort. Everyone wants their investments to be worth it. These cold brew coffee makers will surely take care about it.