5 Revolutionary Aspects of JotForm 4.0 That You Must Know About

It’s been more than a decade since JotForm embarked on its journey to provide the best form builder across the globe. From device responsiveness and lightning-fast, secure procedures to full design customization offerings and much more, the innovative features of JotForm have made it a hot favorite of designers. As if that’s not enough, JotForm 4, the newest version of JotForm has already started creating a buzz in the marketplace with its improved features. It would be a great thing to look into the features of JotForm 4 that render a revolutionary experience to designers.

1. Form creation and design from mobile

The forms that JotForm has been creating so far worked perfectly on all devices. But the newest version not only allows you to create forms compatible with mobile devices, but also enables you to create them with the help of mobile devices. This option is a great boon, since you can now use your smartphone to develop easy to complex forms.

2. Real time collaboration and offline editing

If you are on the go and suddenly lose web connection, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. JotForm 4 has the power to bring together all the edits you have made, which will appear once your internet connection is again established. This continuous storage capability as well as offline support facility wonderfully prevents any loss of work. The continual saving feature is a very convenient addition in JotForm 4. Users can also go through the history of revisions made, and if required can return to a previous version with the help of just a single click.

When it comes to collaboration, it was already there with JotForm, but this revolutionary version makes room for real-time collaboration, similar to Google Docs. Immediate synchronization of changes made allows each member of a team to work with the latest form edits.

3. Enhanced accessibility for the Theme Store and the Form Designer

From 2014 onwards, JotForm came with certain additions like Form Designer and Theme Store. While the former makes forms prettier, the latter is a marketplace where already-designer forms are available to use and customize.

With the advent of JotForm 4, you can now access the Form Designer as well as the Theme Store from the form builder itself. This makes the functionality smoother since switching views is not required.

4. Enhanced functionality for better results

With its arrival in the marketplace, JotForm 4 brings in some enhanced functional aspects, which has led to streamlining of the entire product. This paves the way for seamless usage and increased results.

The Drag and Drop functionality has been improved, making it much easier to drag form field from one place to another and this includes dragging within a single form across different pages. JotForm 4 allows users to view full sized previews in same windows as against the previous form previews within smaller pop-ups.

Again, the latest version also offers enhanced user-friendliness, the result of user testing data for a span of eighteen months. Also, updated Pagination and improved wizards, make it all the more convenient to use.

5. Cost-effective pricing in spite of newer features

JotForm has always been a reasonable deal with respect to the price. This remarkable moderation in pricing has not changed even with the incorporation of improved qualities in JotForm 4. You can begin using this version by going for the Free Plan and then move over to any of the three paid upgrades as per your requirements. It is a completely fair deal wherein you can subscribe monthly for the plans, and have the freedom to cancel whenever you want.