Top 5 Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality gets more fame among people rapidly, but still, this market is new for many. It makes the process hard to recognize what to consider while buying the headsets. For eliminating the difficulties, 10TRUMPS comes with a list of top and most effective VR headsets. They are excellent devices that will work effectively for people who are seeking for a stunning augmented reality piece. This listing not only limited the finding but also let you pick the right VR headset quickly.

1. HTC Vive: Completely best

The HTC headset comes with 70 sensors for offering the complete head-tracking of 360-degree and the refreshing rate of 90Hz. The lighthouse room tracking is a major highlight of this headset that enables the user to move around easily with the device on. The new tracking technology in this headset has the capability to bring the objective into Virtual Reality. The handheld controllers in this device make HTC Vive unique. They also include multi-functional trackpads and dual state triggers that create an interactive and responsive VR experience. The awesome controllers also mirror the hand movements of users.

2. Oculus Rift: Perfect for power

The rift device plugs into the USB ports and DVI of your computer and tracks the head movements for providing the 3D imagery quickly on the stereo screens. It uses the resolution of 2160 x 1200 and works at the 233 million pixels for every second, along with the refreshing rate of 90Hz. The high-tech stuff matches HTC Vive device for the refresh rate. And it lags behind the PlayStation VR. The Oculus Rift device excels at providing you the best VR experience. The cost of this headset is better. Now, this headset comes with touch controllers to bring people enhanced experience.

3. PlayStation VR: Highly immersive

The PlayStation VR is a highly preferred VR headset. Still, the specially designed devices bring an outstanding VR experience. It is one of the most affordable VR that make PS VR as the benchmark for the mainstream console Virtual Reality. The most attractive features of this VR headset is that it comes with PS4 compatibility and low price range. These are the most attractive features of this VR headset that grab the attention of many people towards it and encourage them to prefer it.

4. Sarlar 3D VR: Ideal for comfort and eyes

Many VR users now experience some serious stains on both their neck and eyes, so they look for the best and comfortable VR. For meeting the needs, Sarlar comes with the most outstanding and effective VR headset named 3D VR glasses. These are the most effective and superior glasses which are designed to provide comfort. Along with this, it does not provide any pressure on your eyelid. The viewing closure and strap relieve stain and friction against the Nose Bridge as well as permits for sufficient breathing space. Most importantly, it comes with soft sponge foam casting pads. It lines a viewing rim to bring your face a nice fitted feeling. It is also compatible with the smartphones running Android and iOS operating system.

5. Merge VR: Perfect for controller input and durability

This Merge VR is stylish, comfortable and provides the creative dual touch inputs which are highly compatible with many Virtual Reality applications. Merge also brings you the capability to control and navigate directly from their headset itself. The right and left buttons in this device let you perform various actions at a time. It includes steering right and left or jumping and running. It is designed by using soft flexible, durable and lightweight foam. The specialized material makes it comfortable, but tough to handle against the drops.

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