Top 5 Trading Apps of 2017

The growth and widespread adoption of mobile devices has afforded us many luxuries. One of them is the ability to trade the financial markets on the go. As our Android and iPhone devices have become more powerful, so too have the trading apps they can support.

If you’re looking to take the financial markets with you everywhere you go, consider these five slick trading apps. Keep reading for the Editor’s Choice #1 pick, which is announced at the very bottom.

5. TD Ameritrade Mobile

TD Ameritrade Mobile is a mobile application suited for both new and experienced traders. The Mobile Trader gives you access to equities, options, futures and forex. Integrated media streams provide direct access to financial news 24 hours a day. The app also provides research material from one of America’s leading online financial brokers.

TD Ameritrade offers a second mobile tool called the Mobile app, which is primarily focused on conducting analysis and keeping track of your positions. This app also provides transfer and cash deposits, as well as market information about publicly-listed companies.

If you want to get the full benefit of TD Ameritrade on the go, it’s best to download and make use of both apps. However, this may not be ideal for traders who would prefer just one app instead of two.

4. E*Trade Mobile

E*Trade is another online broker that has gone the route of mobile. Much like TD Ameritrade applications, E*Trade Mobile provides a large selection of securities to choose from. This includes stocks, mutual funds, options and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). However, forex traders will be disappointed to learn that currencies are not offered on the mobile platform. At the same time, you won’t find all the desktop features on the mobile version.

CNBC Video on Demand (VOD) is also part of E*Trade. The video portal allows you to watch full episodes of Mad Money, Fast Money and financial newscasts. If you’re not interested in these shows, then the VOD probably doesn’t have much use.

Like the desktop account, E*Trade Mobile provides a customizable dashboard, educational resources and comparison charts. These features are useful for the technically inclined trader.

3. Robinhood Gold

Last year, Robinhood introduced Gold, its latest mobile app. The latest app combines a user-friendly interface with new tools, such as after-hours trading, margin trading and bigger instant deposits.

Robinhood’s primary target market is the younger audience, although its latest Gold feature is an attempt to attract more experienced traders. However, you’ll have to pay up to get it. In addition to standard commissions and fees, Robinhood Gold will cost you a flat monthly fee of $10.

The app capitalizes on the concept of social trading by sharing trends and insights from other Robinhood users. However, by going outside its niche target, the app may have a difficult time converting serious traders.

2. Fidelity Mobile

Fidelity is another broker that has rolled out a mobile app. The Fidelity mobile application offers a personalized experience, giving you a display of market average returns, portfolio summary and news feeds.

As one might expect with Fidelity, traders get access to a wide variety of markets that include stocks, options, mutual funds and ETFs. Commission on stocks is also cheaper than TD Ameritrade and E*Trade.

The Fidelity app provides market research, news and videos, including Zacks Bull & Bear of the Day ratings. Customizable watchlists, money management tools and tax forms also make up the user experience. However, like some of its institutional counterparts, Fidelity does not offer forex trading. This is a huge downside for traders looking to diversify across a range of assets, including the world’s most liquid financial market.

Editor’s Choice: easyMarkets Mobile

The easyMarket app is the Editor’s Choice for mobile trading. This platform is ideal for anyone who wants the power and sophistication of a desktop trader on their mobile phone. The app isn’t a watered-down version of the standard MT4 trading account, but a full-feature experience with customized charting software and notifications.

Download the easyMarkets app, to get instant access to forex, stock indices, commodities and CFDs – more than 300 markets in total. Account details, transaction reports and market news are also a click away. You can also fund your trading account directly on your phone and withdraw profit in real time without the hassle. This creates a seamless experience with the desktop platform; by opening your app, you can pick up where you left off on your desktop anywhere, anytime.

Like the desktop platform, the easyMarkets app has been designed with the sophisticated trader in mind, but is accessible enough for the casual investor or beginner. That becomes immediately clear when we look at the range of tools and features offered in the mobile app.

The Cyprus-based broker has pioneered several innovative trading features in recent years, including dealCancellation, which allows traders to cancel their losing deals within 60 minutes. We were pleased to see that dealCancellation is also offered on the app alongside other important features like pending orders and guaranteed stop loss. These features only scratch the surface of what the easyMarkets app offers.


There’s a lot to consider when choosing an online broker. While the app is important, its equally important to review the broker’s desktop trader and company profile before going mobile. After all, the mobile application will likely be an extension of the rest of the company.

After doing our research, we’ve concluded that the easyMarkets mobile app offers the biggest bang for your buck. It provides the most full-feature experience, and is the most aligned with the desktop trader. This means you can toggle between desktop and mobile without skipping a beat.

For forex and CFD traders, easyMarkets is the clear winner. The broker has been in business for more than 12 years, and has been a pioneer in the industry’s transition toward online trading.


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