Top 5 Security News Websites to follow in 2017

Knowledge always has been and always will be a powerful tool, especially when it comes to cyber security.

New vulnerabilities capable of tearing down cyber security systems are being discovered at an alarmingly rapid rate. Staying in the loop could mean the difference between becoming the next victim of a deadly cyber attack and averting the imminent threat of a major infiltration or a critical infection by deadly malwares.

Luckily, staying informed is as easy as subscribing to a competent security news website that regularly updates you on the various happenings in the world of cyber security. In case you’re not sure where to start, here are the top five security news websites you should stay tuned to in 2017 for the latest in cyber security news.

1. Security Gladiators

Known for its high quality and unbiased news, guides and reviews, Security Gladiators is the go-to site for the average computer user largely because it provides plenty of insight into personal cyber security. In addition to an array of security topics that revolve around firewalls, VPNs and antivirus protection, Security Gladiators offers ample news about current events in the security world to keep you posted at all times. It is as informative as it is an essential guide for people who want to keep up with the latest trends in security.

2. WeLiveSecurity

WeLiveSecurity is an editorial security channel that is managed by ESET, a reputable computer security solutions firm. It is the quality of the content on the website and the availability of news on a variety of security-related topics that has garnered this website multitudes of followers who rely on its regular posts to stay updated on various security developments from all over the world. The highly professional news website boasts of a research team that’sspread out in different countries around the world. You can expect at least ten new posts from this news website every week.

3. Dark Reading

Dark Reading is an authoritative voice in the cyber security domain on which many security professionals depend for insightful posts about new security developments. A strong theme at the website is the need for security experts to strike an optimum balance between access and protection. In addition to helpful guides, Dark Reading provides comprehensive analyses into data breaches, information about potential vulnerabilities in various security systems, compliance policies and risk management strategies that can be used to prevent data breaches or minimize the damage resulting from one. The website provides plenty to read, with at least 39 new posts published on a weekly basis.

4. Threatpost

From digital articles to podcasts and even demonstrative videos, Threatpost is a security news website that is worth its salt in many ways. The website is affiliated with the well-known Russian cyber security solutions provider and antivirus creator Kaspersky Labs. With about 25 new posts published every week, Threatpost covers everything from malware discoveries, emerging vulnerabilities, network security and threat analysis to an audience that mainly consists of businesses and institutions. It is considered a source of reliable and highly useful security information for IT professionals all around the world.

5. Krebs on Security

Krebs on Security is another high quality editorial, run and managed by former Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs. The professional journalist makes full use of his investigative skills to present insightfully written security posts from an interesting perspective that differs from what most security news websites offer. His well-researched stories are fact-based and tactfully authored to unleash new angles on trending matters in the security world. Krebs on Security is focused on providing ample enlightenment to its readers including information about cyber crimes that could affect individuals and/or institutions, posted in a timely manner to keep everyone updated always. The website publishes at least three articles every week.

What sets these websites apart from others is their high-quality content, the accuracy of their reports, and their unrivaled authority and expertise on matters pertaining to the cyber security of individuals and enterprises alike. Keeping up with the latest security trends and developments in the cybersecurity industry is as easy as subscribing to either one or all of these authoritative security news sites.